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Personal Tax Planning

2019 Personal Income Tax Changes
February 2020


Personal Tax Planning

2018 Personal Income Tax Changes
January 2019

2017 Personal Income Tax Changes
January 2018

2016 Personal Income Tax Changes
February 2017

2015 Personal Income Tax Changes
February 2016

2014 Personal Income Tax Changes
November 2014

Foreign Reporting
March 2014

Tax Reminders for your 2013 Personal Income Tax Return
December 2013

Tax Reminders for your 2012 Personal Income Tax Return
November 2012

Tax Reminders for your 2011 Personal Income Tax Return
January 2012

Personal Tax Returns - File on Time!
March 2011

Home Renovation Tax Credit
November 2009

Tax-Free Savings Account
October 2008

What's New For 2007?
March 2008

Children's Fitness Tax Credit
November 2007

What's New for 2006?
February 2007

Year-End Tax Planning
December 2005

Your RRSP - 10 Planning Tips
February 2002

Paying Your Personal Income Taxes in Instalments
March 2002

Cash in Your Capital Losses
December 2001



Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax
May 2010

GST Rate Reduced Again!
December 2007



When Can I Dispose Of Old Tax Records?
December 2006


Disclaimer: Please note that all articles were accurate at time of publication. Tax laws are complex and are subject to frequent change.
Professional advice should always be sought before implementing any tax planning arrangements.

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